Course Curriculum for the Children

Can you hear all the voices
Reciting the sacred verses
Can you hear the cries of dua
Or the sweet dhikr
Or the stories of the sacred prophets
Can you feel the presence of the lowered wings
Of the sacred Angels for thy seeker of knowledge
Can you feel the time
That has been stopped momentarily?
O Lord, have mercy on these voices!
– Manzur Ashraf

It is now a generation since western worlds including Australia began to notice that there were Muslim communities settling in our cities. The days of the temporary migration had been replaced by the establishment of families in a process which was clearly going to be permanent.

Islam is an affirmative Faith which carries itself a global understanding of creation, life, death and humanity.

This understanding is the source of Islamic rules of thinking and behavior and at the same time, it should be shaped by ‘Ibadat’ (worship) as well as a whole domain of social affairs (‘Muamalat’). ‘Ibadat’ comprises the five daily prayers, annual payment of Zakat to the needy, the fast of Ramadan, and Hajj, along with all sorts of social permanent involvement to help the society with a positive and integrated outlook. The ‘Muamalat’ are all acts of worship, that in turn, reinforce, strengthen and mould Faith (Belief) itself.

We need to educate our next generation with the aim or purpose of life, essential Ibadat (Fard), art of Manners and character, prophetic qualities to mould a purposeful life in order to contribute to the society, build a successful career and to be with the enlightened servants of Allah in hereafter.

Learn Quran & Arabic Centre obliges to give and train with a course curriculum of most up-to-date materials and resources catered to develop skills for this world and hereafter. Designed by a team of University Academics (PhDs) of conventional knowledge sectors and Academics of Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence sectors, we tried to develop a matured syllabus and activities to teach our generation to lead a purposeful life inshallah.

Students in both Non-Islamic and Islamic Schools find our Course curriculum and teaching styles and activities as the top-most level of Academic excellence.

Many students are continuing only our Islamic Studies in weekends or in ONLINE mode (weekly 1-2 day) that their parents / guardians also found it the most suitable to manage it.

Enrollment open for the Interactive Islamic Studies  for your Children (suitable for students from both Non-Islamic & Islamic Schools).
Kids Islamic Studies & Tafsir of Quran

Looking courses for your school kids? They have finished basic Quran tajweed but you want to continue her Islamic studies with tafsir of Quran, Duas, etc?


Within our high-demand Islamic Studies course, a short books-lists that we teach our students are showcased below. Learn Quran & Arabic Centre’s motto is to build a generation of productive Australian Muslims.

Figure: A short books-lists for our High-Demand Islamic Studies Course

“Indeed each of you is a shepherd and each of you will be questioned regarding his flock. …The man is responsible over the inhabitants of his house and he is the one who will be questioned about them.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Learning how to Read Al Quran with Proper Tajweed & Beautiful Recitation:

  • Step 1: Iqra Book Tajweed Learning (all 6 books).
  • Step 2: Reading Juz 30 and Memorize a number of suras from Juz 30 & selected Ayahs from other Juz.
  • Step 3: Practice to be confident to read from any part of Al Quran with full correctness (proper tajweed).
  • Step 4: To be expert (like a teacher) with the Tajweed rules to guide others.

Islamic Manners:

Islamic Manners

Art of Manners

Youth Manners workbook

Manners WORKBOOK for Youth / Adults


Dua book for Little Kids & coloring books

Dua Book for Little Kids & Coloring Book

Authenticate DUAs from Quran & Sunnah

Authenticate DUAs from Quran & Sunnah

Some examples of our Contents / Materials are as follows:

WorkBook for Short Suras (Interactive)

>> Juz Amma for School Children

Level 1-A: 30 Hadith for Children

Level 1-B: Kids Hadith stories

Level 2:Imam Nawawi 6 hadith from 40 Hadith Activity workbook
What Islam is All About:
Part 1


ACTIVITIES: Hajj 2021 Posters Submitted by Our Students:



One of our students Nayeema from Sydney built this Beautiful Model of Hajj after her devotion & hard work.
All of our students proved their dedication and sincerity to honour this beautiful Hajj season. May Allah accept the students. May Allah accept Learn Quran & Arabic Centre.


Hajj Activity for Little Kids

Hajj Tutorial for School Kids

Detailed Hajj Tutorial

Life of Prophet Muhammad

1) Begining, 2) Makkan Era, 3) Madina Era


Young Kid’s Life of Prophet Muhammad Book:

Link is here.

Book of SALAH

Allah is the Creator

Greeting in Islam

Pillars of Islam

Prayer Practice

A day in the life of a Muslim child

Our Children & Prayer

Goodword Series Islamic Studies:

Level 1

Level 2

Books for Youth:

O My Dear Son or Daughter 


Book Lists to purchase:

[1A] Iqra Quran Reader Bookset


Buy in Australia:

[1B] Color coded Quran



[2]  The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an for School Children Paperback – 10 November 2011 by Yahiya Emerick (Author)


[3]  What Islam is All About (New Edition) Paperback – 1 August 2014 by Yahiya Emerick  (Author)

Islamic Studies Course Curriculum (Resources) for All People

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Our Face2face classes commence at Balla Balla Community Centre, Unit 7/9 Selandra Blvd, Clyde North VIC 3978 Generally Two (2) classes per week. Online classes are conducted after 6:30 pm weekdays (Sydney time) or weekends. Teachers will decide the times of the classes. The Centre will confirm your time slots based on availability.
Our Face2face classes commence at Balla Balla Community Centre, Unit 7/9 Selandra Blvd, Clyde North VIC 3978