May my children (students) grow and teach others the Quran too

I teach the Quran to the kids whom I regard as my own children.

** ** **

Almost 30 years ago, I started teaching some students at an entrepreneurial coaching centre when I was in Class 10 and after 2 years I taught students at a top coaching centre for college entrance exams to gain entrance into the best colleges in Dhaka.

I continued teaching for the college Coaching as well as at BUET Coaching after being admitted into the top department of BUET. In addition, I had been teaching at a renowned IT training institute at Dhanmondi when I was a first year student of Computer Science & Engineering and I became the BS course coordinator when I was in my 4th year of university. Interestingly, one my course teachers at BUET and I (his current student of final year) were course coordinators for the BS and MS programs, respectively, for the NCC UK courses conducted at the IT institute that time.

I taught at 7 top private universities in Dhaka at one stage of my teaching career from 2001 to 2005 prior to coming to Australia for a PhD program.

I have been teaching at Universities in Australia including Federation University, University of Sunshine Coast, etc, besides running my own small IT firm.

I definitely like teaching more than anything else.

I also give lectures on Islamic topics and conduct regular Jumma khutbah at a Centre in Melbourne, Alhamdulillah.

** ** **

When I teach my students at University, I treat them in a kind manner.

When I give an Islamic lecture to a group of people, I pray to Almighty to create an influence when the speech matches my actions.

However, when I teach the Kids who come to learn Tajweed and Quran, I immediately feel as if all of them are my own children.

What can a father wish to Allah for the betterment of his own children?

I wish for the Kids who come to me to learn Quran exactly the same way a father wishes for his own children.

This experience completely overshadows all my deep inner feelings for the students I teach in the different sphere of my teaching career!

** ** **

I teach the Quran to the kids whom I regard as my own children.

May my children grow and teach others the Quran too, in the circle of life, Insha Allah.

— Written by Dr Manzur Ashraf,

Faculty member of Learn Quran & Arabic Centre