What is the Quran?

What is Quran? Prophet Muhammad (sm) defined what is Quran in following three hadiths (tradiations):

Hadith 1: A treasure that makes on eneed Nothing but itself.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, says of the Qur’an, “It is a treasure that makes one need nothing but itself (Majma’ al-Zawaid, 7, 158). In this hadith the Prophet (pbuh) states that the Qur’an includes all kinds of knowledge, addresses all kinds of people, and offers solutions for all kinds of problems.

Hadith 2: A Feast offered by Allah. 

The Prophet (pbuh) says, Be sure that the Qur’an is the feast offered by Allah” (Darimi, Fada’il al-Qur’an, 1). In this feast all kinds of food, savory and sweet, are on offer. Although each food might have a different taste and composition, everyone can find something they like in this feast. Saying, “One who comes to this feast will have no fear of hunger” Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud points to the fact that the Qur’an, with its rich content, holds solutions for everyone’s troubles. Since it is the source of all the knowledge and information that Muslims take pride in, it has been said, “Islam is Qur’anic Civilization.” 

Hadith 3: Everything in it is serious. 

The Prophet (pbuh) says: “(The Qur’an is such a book that) it includes news from past (nations which preceded you), the fitna (seditious events and internal conflicts, anarchy and subversion) to come after you until the time of Doomsday, and judgments, about the situations to take place among you. It is the only measure that divides truth from untruth. Everything in it is serious. Whoever abandons it fearing a tyrant and stops practicing (that the Qur’an says), will be ruined by Allah. Whoever looks for guidance anywhere else will be misguided by Allah. Indeed, it is Allah’s strongest rope (to hold on to). It is a remembrance full of wisdom, and a path that leads to the Truth. It saves those who observe it from misguidance (due to being seized by various temptations) and protects the tongues (speeches, communication) that recite it from ambiguity. Scholars can never satisfy their hunger for it. Its oft repetition does not weary the one who reads it, or its pleasure decreases. Its fascinating aspects know no end. It is such a book that when the jinn heard it, they could not help saying: We have really heard a wonderful recital! It gives guidance to the right, and we have believed therein’ (72:1-2). One who speaks in its fashion speaks the truth. One who observes it will surely be rewarded. Whoever rules upon it judges justly. Whoever calls to it, calls to the Straight Path”’ (Tirmidhi, Fada’il al-Qur’an, 14).

— Compiled from Ayhan Tekines, The Virtues of the Quran.

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