Good & Bad Companionships

Encouragement for accompanying Good people and the warning from accompanying Bad people

From Bukhari & Muslim:

Ibn Hibban (D 354 H) mentioned: “The wise person is persistent upon accompanying good people and keeping away from bad people, because good people are quick to form relationships and slow to sever relations. On the other hand, bad people are quick to sever relations and slow to form relationships. Accompanying bad people also causes good people to have bad thoughts of a person, and whoever befriends bad people is not safe from becoming one of them.

Therefore, a wise person must keep away from suspicious people so that people will not have suspicions of him. Just as accompanying good people begets good, accompany ing bad people begets bad.”


Malik bin Dinar (He is Malik bin Dinar Abu Yahya, scholar to the righteous scholars, numbered amongst the most reliable of the Tabi’In, and from the notables of the writers of the Quran. He died in 130 AH)  said,

“It’s better to move rocks with good people than to eat dessert with wicked people.”

A wise person doesn’t stain his honor or accustom himself to the causes of evil by accompanying bad people, and he doesn’t disregard the preservation of his honor and the spiritual betterment of his soul by accompanying good people.

A wise person must seek refuge in Allah from a companion who does not benefit if Allah is mentioned.

Whoever has bad companions, then he is likewise bad; just as good people will only accompany pious people, likewise bad people will only accompany the wicked.

The Description of the Foolish & Ignorant:

Ibn Hibban Mentioned: “Some of the signs of ignorance that the wise person should recognize in people if he does not know them are: hastily responding to questions, not double-checking, excessive laughter, constantly looking around, backbiting good people, and mixing with bad people.

From amongst the ignorant people are those whose characteristics are not prevented by people remaining QUIET and they don’t stay concealed or they are not benefitted by overlooking their faults.

The wise people should hold on to their integrity by avoiding spying and looking for the faults of others and should be busy himself with fixing faults his own faults.”


Ask for Good Friendship:

Allah Sunhanahu Taalas’ instruction:

A beautiful Hadith (Dua for good friendship & stay away from bad companionship):

In a beautiful hadith reported in Sunan al-Tirmidhī, the Prophet ﷺ said, “The Prophet Dawūd would make this du’a: O Allah! I ask you for your Divine Love, and the love of those who love You, and the deeds that will draw me to Your Love! O Allah! Make [my desire] for your Love more beloved to me than myself, and my family, and cold water!”

Comments: Abu Hurayrah (radee’Allaahu anhu) said that from his (Messenger of Allaah, sallAllaahu alayhee wa aalehee wasalam) supplications were:

“Oh Allaah, I seek refuge with you

·        from an evil neighbour; and

·        from a wife who causes me to grow old before old age; and

·        from a son who will become a master over me; and

·        from wealth which will become a punishment for me; and

·        from a cunning friend whose gaze is upon me & whose heart is plotting & planning against me, such that if he sees something good, he buries it & if he sees something bad he spreads it.”

(Collected by At Tabaraani in ‘Ad Dua’ (3/1425/1339) and its chain is declared ‘Jayyid’ (Good) by Shaikh Al Albaani in silsilatul Ahaadeethus Saheehah (No#3137)



Book: “Selections From The Garden Of The Wise And The Meadow Of The Virtuous”, by Abu Hatim Ibn Hibban (Author), Authentic Statements Publication, 2017