Learn Quran & Arabic Centre believes that every action in Islam is governed by proper laws that make humans disciplined and an asset to society. The rules and regulations to be followed while studying at Learn Quran & Arabic Centre are as follows:

  1. We promote gentleness, harmony, and compassionate behavior among the students.
  2. Proper Islamic manners are key to our Centre. Students must uphold Islamic etiquette towards teachers and fellow students.
  3. Punctuality, discipline, and professional behavior must always be maintained. However, we value the balance of easygoingness, compassion, and gentleness with discipline.
  4. For online classes: Female students must ensure proper hijab of voice, behavior, and dress. The female student has the right to deny switching on the webcam, in which case only audio will be the medium of teaching.
  5. The learning portal (website) and materials in the center must not be misused and should only be used for learning purposes.
  6. Respect the time and space of your fellow classmates.
  7. Respect the teacher and listen attentively to what he/she explains.
  8. Students must attend the class with full sincerity and attempt to accomplish all homework and assignment submissions (if any).
  9. Please inform the center if you are running late. If the student arrives late, the teacher has the right to either extend the time or cut it. This decision is at the teacher’s discretion.
  10. In case a student is absent, the center must be informed beforehand. If the guardian informs the center about the absence before the class, only then will the teacher try to take a makeup class.
  11. Every student should try to be in the state of ablution before entering the class.
  12. Students are expected to bring a notebook and a pen/pencil to the class so that they can take down the notes provided by the Teacher. Do not expect the academy to provide you with prepared notes. The key to proper learning is to take down notes from the Teacher manually.
  13. The Centre has FULL RIGHT to terminate the admission of any student upon violation of discipline and bad manners/behaviors.



  • Learn Quran & Arabic Centre is committed to providing up-to-date course materials and resources for developing skills relevant to this world and the hereafter, through a structured curriculum for Quranic studies and Arabic language learning. We reserve the right to control the content, delivery time, and assessment procedures for both Tajweed lessons and Islamic studies.
  • Guardians are not permitted to remain on the premises of the center after dropping off their child. They are requested to wait outside and collect their child immediately after the class.


Last Updated: May 2023