During Ramadan, Alhamdulillah the Centre hosts a month long ‘Pondering over Gems and Messages of Quran’ using Interactive Powerpoint slides in between the Taraweeh prayer to give the message of the Quran to boost Imaan and knowledge. The Young generation (school / Uni going students), inquisitive minds and many people from a long distance gather to enjoy the beautiful recitation of Quran & Quranic Gems during the blessed month. A superb & unique opportunity to spend the time at the University of Ramadan in the Month of Quran! Some examples of Nightly talks are given below (except powerpoint slides):

May Allah accept All who attended the Taraweeh & Gems of Quran Programs. Wish you’ll inshallah attend next next times if Allah permits.



Ramadaan Mubarak 2022

Feel free to use Wudu & Restroom facilities for Brothers (downstairs restroom) and Sisters (Upstairs restroom).

Isha: 8 pm

Short Motivating Talk in between taraweeh  on Qiyamul Lail (8 Rakah Taraweeh)

  • Sisters praying facilities
  • Kid’s seperate room (with Activities)
  • Kid’s Quran Competition
  • Ample Car Parking in-front
  • Heart soothing Quran Tilawat
  • Imaan boosting talk / Gems from Quran between the Taraweeh prayers
  • Please bring prayer mat (if you can)


8 Rakah Taraweeh prayers, Isha starts at 7:30 PM during the month of Ramadan. Ample of Parking & praying spaces. Sisters praying facilities are available. Children above 7 years old allowed in order to maintain devotion and warm recitation during the taraweeh inshallah. Wudu facilities at bathroom.

Very short motivational talk during the taraweeh in order to boost the Imaan inshallah.

Please feel free to message us if you are willing to attend with your family / friends. Please spread the news. May Allah bless us with a fruitful Ramadaan.