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In Summary, this Surah begins with a forewarning of the terror on the day of destruction (The emotional experience of pilgrims, feeling as though they are in the Day of Judgment, stems from the profound spiritual reflection), slowly flowing into heartfelt prayers and the sacrifices of devoted pilgrims. It celebrates the virtues and honors of the Hijra (migration) and the struggle in Allah’s path, intricately woven with 20 of His beautiful names in 8 consecutive sentences. The message then tenderly addresses the believers, drawing them close with love, urging repeatedly the importance of prayers and charity in the most affectionate manner. It concludes with a final touch of profound affection from Him:



Inheritance distribution from Surah Nisa


Inheritance – as per Surah NISA

Sura Nisa starts with


‘A’isha reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Kinship (rahim) is derived from Allah. If anyone maintains ties of kinship Allah maintains ties with him. If anyone cuts them off, Allah cuts him off.” (Adab al mufrad)




Sa’id ibn Zayd reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “Whoever is killed protecting his property is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his religion is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his life is a martyr. Whoever is killed protecting his family is a martyr.”

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1421







Whoever seizes any portion of land unlawfully will be swallowed up by it on the Day of Resurrection, and will sink to the seventh earth. ”


Whoever wrongly seizes a plot of land, Allah will make him carry seven earths around his neck.

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1610

“And eat up not one another’s property unjustly (in any illegal way, e.g. stealing, robbing, deceiving).

[al-Baqarah 2:188]

Imam Malik was sitting near a person who passed away suddenly. In respect for the deceased and his belongings, Imam Malik promptly extinguished the candle or lantern nearby. When questioned about his action, Imam Malik explained, “From the moment of his death, the belongings of the deceased, including this candle, belong to his heirs. As they are not here to give permission, it would be unjust to use what is now rightfully theirs.” This anecdote reflects Imam Malik’s deep sense of justice and respect for others’ rights.

Many people at OLD age make the mistake!!

 A VIDEO LECTURE of the above discussions can be found here (18 minutes).

4 Important Topics- Friday Prayer, Unverified News, Respecting Parents & We are all Equal

During the last few nights of Taraweeh salah in Ramadan 2023, the Learn Quran & Arabic Centre arranged a session titled “Reflection from Quran.” Brother Shamim Shaikh discussed several reflections that are especially relevant and essential for those living in the west.

Written by: Br Shamim Shaikh

1. Friday Prayer

2. Unverified News

3. Respecting Parents

4. We are all Equal

Friday Prayer


I started my job in Melbourne on January 30th, 1995. After the initial introduction to the team, I had a conversation with my manager.

The first question I asked was if there were any Muslims on this floor. The answer was no.

The second question was whether I could have 1 hour and 15 minutes of leave every Friday, depending on the location of the mosque, so I could perform my Friday prayer.

My manager called HR and found out where the nearest mosque was. Within 10 minutes, I had an answer, and my manager explained to me how I could reach there.

He also advised me to block my calendar, so no one would invite me to meetings on Fridays. From that day on, I always tried to attend Friday meetings.

Why Friday prayer is important

Surah jumma verse 9

O believers! When the call to prayer is made on Friday, then proceed ˹diligently˺ to the remembrance of Allah and leave off ˹your˺ business. That is best for you, if only you knew.


Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on it Adam was created and on it he was made to enter Paradise.

On Friday, also, Adam was expelled from Paradise.

And the [last] hour (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) will take place on no day other than Friday.” (Muslim)

Unverified News

Reflection 2.

Personally, I do not forward any news unless I have verified it. One of the latest examples was when I received a message stating that the FATWA council had declared Saturday to be Eid. Before forwarding it, I checked the website, and when I confirmed that it was official, I forwarded it to a few people, including my children.

Surah 49 Al-Hujurat, Ayat quran 49:6-8)
Believers, if a troublemaker brings you news, check it first, in case you wrong others unwittingly and later regret what you have done, and be aware that it is God’s Messenger who is among you: in many matters you would certainly suffer if he were to follow your wishes. God has endeared faith to you and made it beautiful to your hearts; He has made disbelief, mischief, and disobedience hateful to you. It is people like this who are rightly guided through God’s favor and blessing: God is all knowing and all wise.


When the tribe of the Bani al-Mustaliq embraced Islam, the Holy Prophet sent Walid bin `Uqbah to collect the zakat from them, due to some reason without collecting the zakat or contacting Tribe leader he come back and inform prophet they are not paying Zakat.


Abdullah ibn Mas’ud reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Shall I not tell you about calumny? It is gossip spreading between people.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2606


Respect Parents

I believe that all of us respect our parents. However, it is important to reflect on this and acknowledge it collectively.

Surah al-nisa
Worship Allah and join none with Him in worship, and do good to parents,” Allah Almighty declares in the Noble Quran [Quran, 4:36].

Allah has further says in Surah Al-Isra, verse 23:

“Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and do good to parents. If any one of them or both of them reach old age, do not say to them: uff (a word or expression of anger or contempt) and do not scold them, and address them with respectful words” [17:23].


We are all equal

Reflection 4

When I was 26 years old and working in a company, a peon who had built a house invited me to dinner. I accepted the invitation immediately. He then informed me that his house was not in a developed area and had no light. He asked if I would still come, and I assured him that I would.

The next day, I gathered some gifts and went to his house. His family treated me with respect, and we had a great time. After dinner, he shared that no one else from work had accepted his invitation, likely because his house was located in an underdeveloped area. I felt glad that I had accepted his invitation and was able to bring some joy to his family.


Surah hujurat ” [Quran 49:13]

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Indeed, the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted


Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said: “O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Aadam, and Aadam was created from earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a coloured person except by Taqwa (piety).” [Ahmad and At-Tirmithi ]


Author Biography:

My name is Shamim Shaikh, and my email address is I have three children, two of whom are married and have given me five grandchildren. My wife passed away on January 1st, 2021, due to brain cancer.

My educational qualifications include a Master’s degree in Statistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I retired on March 15th, 2023.

My aim in life is to spend time with my children and grandchildren. I dedicate at least four hours every day to understanding the Quran and try to apply my learning in my life. I also share my reflections with my children so that they can learn from my mistakes and avoid them.

Bequest of the Prophet (PBUH) to Abu Hurairah (R)

Bequest of the Prophet (PBUH) to Abu Hurairah(R)
Main: Risalatu Imam As-Suyuti
Author: Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti (1445–1505 CE)
Translation: Manzur Ashraf

Muhammad Ibn ‘Atiyah (RA) narrated on the authority of Mughira Ibn Zayd (RA), who said, we were once in the gathering of Hazrat Hasan Basri (RA). At this time a man from Khorasan came to us. Hazrat Hasan Basri (RA) asked him: ‘Who are you? Where did you come from? what purpose did you come for?’ The man said, ‘I am a resident of Siraj city. I have come to gain knowledge. I heard that you are the wisest person in Iraq. Shaykh of the Iraqis, and you have the knowledge of this world and the hereafter. I pray to Allah that you may gather for me the two pages of Khorasan, the knowledge of this world and the hereafter’.

Hazrat Hasan Basri (RA) said, “You desire knowledge about religion.” Here’s what I have on the matter:

Bequest of the Prophet (PBUH) to Abu Hurairah (RA).

Then Hazrat Hasan Basri (RA) took out a book in which it was written:

Salema ibn Mim Makane Shami narrated to me on the authority of Abu Quwah who narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I said to the Prophet (may peace be upon him): I divided the night into three parts—the first third of it. I sleep, in the second half I discuss and study everything I hear from you. I pray in the last third. I wish that I do not forget some of the hadiths that I have heard from you. Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, Spread your Jubbah, I will sit on it, then I will bequeath you something so that I will teach you the knowledge of this world and the Hereafter. Then you will put on your jubbah to cover your back. Then knowledge will enter your heart.

Abu Hurairah! After that you will never forget that knowledge. Then I said, O Messenger of Allah! Make a special dua for me. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, ‘Allahumma Habbib Ana Hurairata Ilal-Mu’minina wa baggijhu ilal Munafiqin’.
‘O Allah. Make Abu Huraira beloved by the believers and disliked by the hypocrites. Then the Prophet (PBUH) said:

1. Abu Hurairah! When you come to sleep on your bed, lie on your right side and say “Bismillah, wal hamdu lillah”. If you do so, one angel will guard you till the dawn.

2. Abu Hurairah! You will recite at bedtime – Subhanallah 33 times, Wal Hamdu Lillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 33 times. And read ‘lailaha Illallah’ once to complete hundred. If a person do this, Allah will record for him a reward equal to that of a person who stayed awake at night praying two rak’ahs until dawn.

3. Abu Hurairah! You should recite Surah Was Sama’i wat Taarik, (Surah: 86) and Surah Al-Hakumut Takasur (Surah: 102) before sleeping, in which Allah Ta’ala will write for you a reward equal to the number of stars in the sky, and seventy of your sins will be forgiven.

4. Abu Hurairah! When you wish to attain purity and proceed for ablution, then say, ‘Bismillahi wal hamdu lillahi’ (I’m beginning in the name of Allah and all praise is due to Allah). In this the angels will include righteous deeds in your record till sunset.

5. Abu Hurairah! Clean the nose well with water during Taharat but if you are fasting, be careful to water the nose and clean the nose.

6. Abu Hurairah! Eat with three fingers while eating, and do not eat from the middle of the food, because the blessing is revealed in the middle.
7. Abu Hurairah! Washing hands before eating brings blessings to the food, and washing the hands after eating increases eye-power and forgives sins. You’ll eat in small bites with chewing properly; drink water little by little; don’t drink all in once.

8. Apply Kohl (surma) to the eyes occasionally; use oil sometimes. Do not waste water during ablution, if you waste it, you will face a long reckoning

9. Abu Huraira When a believer uses water for the purpose of purification, a devil named Hayjab sits on his left side and creates doubts in his mind. It whispers to the heart to waste water! You will not follow Satan in this matter. Because, the devout and the lovers of Allah in my Ummah do not waste water in attaining purity. They spend less water, as someone uses the oil in less amounts.

10. Abu Hurairah! Do not spend water more than 2 M’uds (1 m’ud = 68 Tola 4 Masha) to do ablution. Use half of that amount to purify from toilet and remaining half for other organs. Use maximum 1 S’ha (=273 Tola) for the shower. Otherwise, you’ll be among the wasters of water. Allah says:
‘The wasters are the dwellers of Hell’ (40: 43).

11. Abu Hurairah! Cut the nails once a month, because the devil hides under the nails.

12. Abu Hurairah! Do not keep long hair in the middle of the head, because that becomes the dwelling place of Satan.
13. Abu Huraira! After attaining the purity (tahara) and washing both feet, read ‘Inna anjalnahu fi lailatul Qadr (Sura Qadr: 97).

14. Abu Huraira When you eat with your right hand, don’t lean on your left hand.

Because that is the work of the tyrant and arrogant.

15. Abu Hurairah! When you have attained purity and finished washing your feet, recite Inna Anzaalnahu Filailatul Qadr (Suratul Qadr), which Allah Ta’ala will add one year of worship for each act of worship – fasting during the day and praying the whole night. He will save him from the fire of Hell.

16. Abu Hurairah! You will pray to Allah more and more at the end of the night and day. If Allah wants to show favor to any of His servants, He will grant him asking more forgiveness at the end of the night and day.

17. Abu Hurairah! The more you suffer in the world, the more you read this dua: ‘Lahawla wala quwata illa billahil aliil azeem’ so that Allah Ta’ala will remove your distress and distress. Even if you are captives to the disbelievers, Allah Ta’ala will rescue you from there.
18. Abu Hurairah! If something happened don’t say ‘if it had not happened’, and if nothing had happened, don’t say ‘if it had happened. Beware! You should refrain from such sayings, because these are the sayings of the hypocrites.

19. Abu Hurairah! You must offer ‘Salatu Joha’ (or afternoon prayer). There is a special gate in heaven called ‘Babuj Joha’. Only those who pray will enter Paradise through this door.

20. Abu Huraira! You will pray ‘Salatu Joha’. One who prays ‘Salatu Joha’ in two rak’ahs is included among the ‘Zakirin’ or people who frequently remembers Allah. One who prays six rak’ahs is included among the ‘Fayjeen’ or the successful. And the one who prays eight rak’ahs is included among the ‘Sadiqin’ or the truthful.

21. Abu Hurairah! You will fast on the 13th, 14th and 15th of every month (White Days or Ayyām al-Bīḍ), then Allah Ta’ala will write a full year’s reward in your deeds. Abu Hurairah! There is a gate in Paradise called “Bab-e-baiyyan”. Those who observe the fast of White Days or Ayyām al-Bīḍ, will enter Paradise through that gate.

22, Abu Hurairah! A person who performs Fajr prayer and do dhikr while sitting there, he will have power over Shaytaan. Shaytaan will not be able to influence him. And the reward of performing one Hajj, one Umrah and freeing a slave will be written in his record.

23. Abu Hurairah! Do not take a bath in a place of urination and impurity, do not eat on strainer, and do not eat on the back of the plate (i.e., upside down). These actions cause trouble. Do not urinate on sand and also do not urinate on stagnant water. You may face suffering and crisis due to it.
Don’t look here and there during the Salah. If you do so, Satan will touch your face and will thank you saying, ‘You have failed in the service of religion’.

24. Abu Hurairah! Put your hands over your mouth while yawning, otherwise Satan will enter inside you. Do not open your private parts in front of the sun, because such a person is cursed by the sun.
Don’t do intercourse in front of a three year old child. Protect your private parts form every eyes. Allah commanded to maintain modesty by covering private parts properly.

25. Abu Hurairah! Don’t look at the private parts of another person and don’t allow others to see your private parts. Otherwise, both will be accursed. Do not walk on top of the grave, if you refrain from walking on top of the graves, Allah Ta’ala will protect you from walking in hell fire.

26. Abu Hurairah! Do not swear falsely, because many towns are destroyed by false oaths. Many women become barren and many people become impotent because of it.

27. Abu Hurairah! There is an angel of Allah, the length of its ear is the distance of five hundred years of travel. And its length equals to the distance covered by two hundred seventy thousand years of travel. That angel describes the glory of Allah saying:

‘Subahanaka Allahumma Min Azeem Ma A’zamaka’. (O Allah, You are pure and free from all faults. You are great, how great are you!) Allah Ta’ala says to him, Ask him who swears falsely by My name.

28. Abu Hurairah! When a Muslim swears falsely, Allah says, ‘O Mala’un, why are you swearing falsely? Who will swear falsely by My name but you’?

29. Abu Hurairah! Almighty Allah said to Musa (A), O Musa! By my honour and majesty, if you swear falsely in my name, I will surely burn your tongue. I will burn him to coal. Because of the false oath, there will be misfortune in his family until the Day of Judgment. Then Rasulullah (SAW) wept and said, “A time will soon come upon my ummah, when the business of those will not go on without swearing falsely. They are the losers. Those who will continue to suffer loss in their family and wealth till the Day of Resurrection.”

30. Abu Huraira! Do not lie, even if you see it as your salvation. It actually contains your destruction. You will tell the truth, even if you see your destruction in it, it actually contains your salvation.

31. Abu Hurairah! Whoever breaks ties with you, you will keep ties with him intact. Help someone even if he deprives you. You will speak to him who does not speak to you. You will wish well of him even if he betrays you. Prophets (as) were like that. Whoever will do it, Allah will include him among the companionship of three hundred and thirteen prophets.
32. Abu Hurairah! Recite Ayatul Qursi more. Allah Ta’ala will give forty thousands rewards for each letter of it.
33. Abu Hurairah! Recite Surah Yasin (Surah 36) more. Whoever recites Surah Yasin at Fajr time, he with his family and children will be in the protection from Allah till evening.

34. Abu Hurairah! You will show mercy to a worthy person, otherwise you will be subject to the mercy of others.
35. Abu Hurairah! Do not eat meat without giving it to your neighbour, even if you give a piece of bone to your neighbour. Because, whoever eats meat without giving it to his neighbour, Allah reduces his intelligence by ten percent and removes the blessing of his earnings. He will work hard, but will be tired and will get a little sustenance.

36. Abu Hurairah! Don’t abuse people, eventually they will abuse your parents.
37. Abu Hurairah! You will enjoin good deeds as much as you can and do not be an accomplice of evil people.

38. Abu Hurairah! To establish justice in a corrupt society is better than sixty years of worship.
39. Abu Hurairah! You will gain rulership in my Ummah. Then when people come to you seeking justice, you will not accept the testimony of a drunkard because Allah nullifies his testimony. You will not accept the testimony of a blind person, nor will you accept the testimony of one who misses Salatul-Jumu’ah. And whoever leaves Salah willingly, curse him at front and behind while he is alive, and after death.

40. Abu Hurairah! By Him who is in charge of Muhammad’s life, one hour sitting in the gathering of knowledge is dearer to Allah than forty years of worship.

41. Abu Hurairah! Action without knowledge is like the ash, which is blown away by wind on a stormy day. A time will soon come in my ummah, when the scholars will proudly declare that knowledge of hadith are learned from them. (Such a situation will arise due to the decline in the practice of knowledge).

42. Abu Hurairah! Beneath the throne of Allah, there is a city made of gold, on the door of which is written, ‘Whoever meets a scholar, He met the Prophets of Allah (PBUH). Whoever sits with my learned servants is like sitting in the assembly of the Prophets. Whoever benefited my scholars and treated them well, it is as if he benefited the Prophets (a) and treated them well’.

43, Abu Hurairah! A person who served a scholar for one day is like serving another for seventy years.

44. Abu Hurairah! ‘Deen’ (religion) depends on four categories of people: a. The pious scholar, b, the generous rich, c, the patient ‘fakir’ (poor), d, the just king. If corruption happens among them, then who will the believers follow?

45. Abu Hurairah! If an Alim (scholar) dies, a crack is created in Islam until the Day of Judgment. A scholar is heavier than a thousand worshipers on Iblis. Fifty years of sins are forgiven in his one day’s of repentance.

When Allah Ta’ala wishes to favour a community, He sends among them a scholar and a counsellor (advisor).

The words of Allah Ta’ala:
“You are only a warner, and for every community there is a guide”. (13: 7). Guide means scholars who advises them and guides to hidayah. When Allah Ta’ala wishes to cast evil upon a community, He causes the death of their scholars, after which calamity descends upon them.

46. Abu Hurairah! When you wear new clothes, face the Qiblah and say:

بسم الله والحمد الله

(Wearing it in the name of Allah, all praises are due to Allah.) Then perform two rak’ahs of prayer and say:

‘All praise be to Allah who made me wear this cloth, if He willed I could have remained without cloth’. Recite this Dua and the angel will ask forgiveness for you as long as this cloth lasts.

47. Abu Hurairah! When putting on shoes, put them on the right foot first and take them off from the left foot first. Because, every object has an opposite object, like the opposite object of mosque is restroom, the opposite object of Quran is poetry.

48. Abu Huraira You shall not associate with the poets, for Allah the Exalted says:

‘Some of the people buy idle words to divert them from the path of Allah out of ignorance’. (Luqman : 6.) It is better for one’s belly to be filled with vomit and dung, than to be filled with poetry. Iblis asked his Lord to give something to read. Allah Ta’ala said, “Poetry is your Qur’an. Those who sit in the assembly of poets are your companions and your brother”.
49. For a person who recites one hundred verses of the Holy Quran every day, Allah Ta’ala will give him deeds equal to the deeds of my Ummah on that day.

50. Abu Hurairah! If someone reads ‘Kul Huallah Huahad’ (Surah Ikhlas) a hundred times a day, all the angels of heaven will ask forgiveness for him, and there is no veil between Allah and the duas of the angels. Allah will prepare for him a house of gold or a city in Paradise.

51. Abu Hurairah! If you want to mount any animal, first recite:

بسم الله والحمد الله

(Ascending in the name of Allah, and all praise is due to Allah.) Then you will be safe with the help of Allah until you descent from it.

52. Abu Hurairah! You shall not greet with ‘Salam’ to a Jew or a Nazarene first. If they greet you with ‘salam’, you will reply them with ‘salam’. As a neighbor, you will fulfill their rights well, because Allah Ta’ala will ask you about the rights of the neighbors.

53. Abu Hurairah! You will bathe for the Salatul-Jumu‘ah, even if you collect water in exchange for the afternoon meal. Because, Allah Ta’ala ordered every Prophet – Rasool (A) to take a bath on Friday. The bathe (Ghusl) for Salatul-Jumu‘ah is the expiation for the sins of the time until next Jumu’ah.

54. Abu Hurairah! Shorten your moustache. The sprain will shorten, and the angels will love your face.
55. Abu Hurairah! Keep your eyes on the place of prostration when you stand in prayer, on feet when do so Ruku (bow down), on the lap when you sit down for Tashahuud.
56. Abu Hurairah! You will use perfume, Allah’s angels will then pray for your forgiveness.

57. Abu Hurairah! Be with Allah an Allah will be with you. Fear Allah, Allah will reward you for it.

58. Abu Hurairah! No one perishes because of counsel. There is assurance of getting the right path due to the counsel. He who does not counsel, becomes ashamed. He who leads without consultation, goes astray. And he who is proud becomes humiliated.

59. Abu Hurairah! Patience will help you to go halfway through. Salat will help to enter paradise.

60. Abu Hurairah! Use Nagarmotha (root of a kind of fragrant grass) and blackseed.

61. Abu Hurairah! If you have patience, what is destined for you will happen and you will be rewarded. But if you are impatient, what is destined for you will happen but you will be a sinner.

62. Abu Hurairah! Your father has authority over you, so you must serve him. And serve the guests, because you are not more dignified than Ibrahim (A). And fulfill the rights of the king, because Allah Almighty has given him the authority of the people and the city. Do not be proud over Allah. He who shy to learn knowledge, become proud over Allah. and despises the religion of Allah. An arrogant cannot gain knowledge and a fool does not receive advice.

63. Abu Hurairah! Do not save money. You will not be able to save it. Because Allah kept four things within money: a. Lust, b. Miserliness, c. High aspiration, d. Shamelessness.

64. Abu Hurairah! The four categories of people of this ummah will go to hell before anyone: a. Rich thief, b. ‘Fasik’ (impious) scholar, c. Old adulterer, b, Married adulterer.

65. Abu Hurairah! Four categories of people will enter Jannatun Na’eem first. A. Pious scholar, b. Students in the persuit of acquiring knowledge of Islam c. Busy youth involved in the worship of Allah, d, Charitable person in the way of Allah.

66. Abu Hurairah! Every object has a sign of elevation. The sign of the elevation of Islam is modesty.
67. Abu Hurairah! Every object has its shininess. the shininess of Islam is the Salatud Duha.

68. Abu Hurairah! Every thing has its brightness, the brightness of Islam is Sadaqah. Every thing has a beauty, the beauty of Islam is repentance. He who does not have knowledge, does not have repentance. He who has no curiosity, has no knowledge. He who does not have modesty, does not have charity. He who does not have piety, does not have worship. He who does not pay Zakat despite being eligible, his Salat is not accepted. He who is not satisfied with what Allah gives, has no ‘yaqeen’ (certainty).

69 Abu Hurairah! Whoever cuts his nails on Saturday, Allah Ta’ala will remove his troubles. If he cuts his nails on the Sunday, Allah Ta’ala will remove the hardness of his heart. If he cuts his nails on the Monday, Allah Ta’ala will increase his memory and. If he cuts his nails on the Tuesday, Allah will heal him. And whoever cuts his nails on Wednesday will get rid of all diseases and pains. Whoever cuts his nails on Thursday, Allah Ta’ala will make his work easy and if he has a debt, he will arrange for it to be paid. If he cuts his nails on the day of Jumu’ah, Allah Ta’ala will grant him the wealth of Yaqeen (firm faith) and if there is any debt, He will arrange for its payment from an unexpected place.

70. Abu Hurairah! If you want to meet me under the shadow of Allah’s Throne, then send blessings on me every day.

71. Abu Hurairah! Don’t worry about God’s strategy, if you want eternal health and abundant wealth, then seek God’s help. If the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth wish to do you any good but Allah does not want to do the same, then they will not be able to do you any good. And if they all want to harm you altogether but Allah wants not to harm you, they cannot harm you at all.

72. Abu Hurairah! He who does not slander people, Allah Ta’ala makes him dear to people. And whoever is kind to his slaves, Allah makes him victorious over his enemies.

73. Abu Hurairah! Do not consider any sin small. Because, you do not know, due to which sin Allah is displeased with you. And do not consider any good deed small, because you do not know for which good deed Allah is pleased with you.

74. Abu Hurairah! If you have a son or daughter born, say Azan in the right ear and Iqamat in the left ear. Satan will not be able to harm that child.

75. Abu Hurairah! If you see a tiger, pronounce ‘Allahu Akbar’ three times. Then say:

‘Allah is great, He is the Mighty of all’. Allah will protect you from its harm.

76. Abu Hurairah! Do not eat raw onion, garlic (without cooking).
77. Abu Hurairah! If you eat anything including curry, wash your hands and mouthpiece properly. Because just as the arrow reaches its target, the devil reaches the mouthpiece faster.

78. Abu Hurairah! Do miswak every day as much as possible, do not get tired of it, because the prayer you perform with miswak is Seventy times better than prayer performed without miswak.

79. Abu Hurairah! A person who eats twenty one red raisins daily, he will have no disease except the disease of death.

80. Abu Hurairah! A person who eats ten dates in empty stomach every day, he will get rid of worms from inside.
81. Abu Hurairah! You will eat sweet pomegranate. It will increase your memory.

82. Abu Hurairah! Abstaining from meat for forty days weakens the eyesight and kills the heart.

83. Abu Hurairah! Shorten your moustache. Angels will love your mouthpiece.

84. Abu Huraira You shall use perfume, because as long as you have perfume in your body, the angels will ask forgiveness for you.

85 Abu Hurayra! without showing-off (R’iya), One unit night prayer is better than 1000 units of prayer during the day.

86. Abu Hurairah! The face of the people praying at night (Kiyamul Lail) will be brighter than other people in both worlds.
87. Abu Hurairah! Instruct your family to pray. By this, Allah will open the door of your sustenance.

88. Abu Hurairah! At the time of rain, offer two units of prayer. For every drop of rain that falls from the sky, Allah Ta’ala will record a reward for you.

89. Abu Hurairah! If it is morning you will not think of evening and if it is evening, don’t worry about the morning.

90. Abu Hurairah! Allah Ta’ala created death. He created hell, death and made the hell as signs for the people of the world. If there was no death, every person would claim divinity. And if Hell had not been created, no one in the world would have prostrated to Allah.

91. Abu Hurairah! At the difficult time of death or when Sakaratul Maut (Last few moments before a person dies) appears, recite Qalima Shahadat in front of him, because Kalemay Shahadat expiates all sins. Abu Huraira said, “That’s all for the one whose death is near, but what is the benefit of this qalima for the living?” Rasulullah (SAW) said, Qalima Shahadat expiates the sins of the living more.

92 Abu Hurayra! You revive your Islam morning and night by reciting the qalima:

“There is no god but Allah, He is One, He has no partner, His is the kingdom, to Him is all praise, He gives life and causes death, He is Ever-Living, He has no death, in His hand is all good, He is All-Powerful over all things.”

Whoever recites this qalima ten times, Allah Ta’ala will record for him the reward of freeing a believing slave.


What do you think of people who will stand on their feet, waiting to meet Allah, for fifty thousand years, during which time they will not eat or drink anything? Then when their throats are parched with thirst and their stomachs are burning with hunger, they will be taken to the Fire, where they will be given to drink from a boiling spring whose heat would reach an extreme degree. All of them will be concerned only with their own selves. Each of them will say, ‘myself, myself’.  (Al Hasan Al Basri)

Before even entering to Heaven or Hell, following category of sinners (but believers) will suffer during the Day of Standing:


1. One who seizes other’s Properties by force / trick:



    • Brothers rob / deceive / don’t give rightful & inherited property to sisters / brothers.
    • Uncles don’t return rightful properties to their nephews / nieces.
    • Rich and powerful gang illeglly rob properties of the weak.


“Whoever seizes any portion of land unlawfully will be swallowed up by it on the Day of Resurrection, and will sink to the seventh earth. ”


Ghasb is one of the worst kinds of eating up another person’s property unjustly, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)  said: “Your blood, your property and your honour are sacred to you.” And he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The property of a Muslim is not permissible unless he gives his consent.” 


Whoever wrongly seizes a plot of land, Allah will make him carry seven earths around his neck.

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1610

“And eat up not one another’s property unjustly (in any illegal way, e.g. stealing, robbing, deceiving).

[al-Baqarah 2:188]

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever has done any wrong to his brother, let him seek his forgiveness today, before there will be no dinar and no dirham [i.e., the Day of Resurrection], when if he has any hasanaat (good deeds), some of his hasanaat will be taken and given to the one who was wronged, and if he  does not have any hasanaat, some of the sayi’aat (bad deeds) of the one who was wronged will be taken and thrown onto him, and he will be thrown into Hell,” or as he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)  said it. If the seized property is still there, it should be returned as it is, and if it is not there, then he must replace it.

If the one who seized the property has built anything or planted crops on the seized land, he has to remove the buildings or crops if the owner asks him to, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “The sweat of the evildoer counts for nothing.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and others; classed as hasan). If that has caused any damage to the land, he is to be penalized for that damage. He also has to erase any traces of building or planting that remain, so that the land may be given back to its owner in good condition.

2. One who is two-faced:


    • Friends / Relatives are instigating chaos/fights among husband-wife or blood-relatives using the two-faced personalities.

The most evil of people on the Day of Resurrection will be the one who is fickle, who is not consistent in his attitude, but presents one face to some people and another face to others. Bukhari and Muslim:


“ You will find the most evil of people on the Day of Resurrection, the one who is two-faced, who presents one face to one group of people and another face to another group”.

“Whoever is two-faced in this world, will have a tongue of fire on the Day of Resurrection. ” (Albani, Sahih)

3. The one who begs when he has the means of being independent:


    • Friends / Relatives are asking money (begging money or asking for a loan with bad intension or void of sincerety to return it later) for personal needs (although according to Prophetic instructions, they have more than 50 dirhams, i.e., they don’t have any real needs).

“Whoever begs from people when he has the means of being independent, his begging will appear on the Day of Resurrection as scratches on his face. ” He was asked, “O’ Messenger of Allah, what are the means of being independent?” He said: “Fifty dirhams, or the equivalent amount in gold. ”


“The begging of a rich person will appear as a disfigurement on his face on the Day of Resurrection.” (Al-bani, Sahih)

4. Those who did not pay zakah:

A man’s wealth will appear to him in the form of a huge bald snake with two black spots above its eyes. It will seize him around his neck, saying, “I am your wealth, I am your treasure. ” (Bukhari)

There is no one who owns gold or silver and does not pay what is due on them, but on the Day of Resurrection plates of Fire will be served to him. They will be heated in the Fire of Hell, then his sides, forehead and back will be branded with them. Every time they cool down, they will be heated again and put back on him, for a day which will be as long as fifty thousand years, until judgement is passed among mankind, and he will be shown his destiny, either Paradise or Hell.


It was said, ‘O’ Messenger of Allah, what about camels?’ He said, ‘There is no one who owns camels and does not pay what is due on them, he will be thrown on his face in a spacious plain as wide as possible. Not a single little camel will be missing from them, but they will all step on him with their hooves and bite him with their mouths. When the first of them leaves him, the last will come, for a day which will be as long as fifty thousand years.

5. “The arrogant will be gathered like small ants in the form of men on the Day of Resurrection, overwhelmed by humiliation from all sides.”

Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “On the Day of Resurrection, the arrogant will be gathered like ants in the form of men. Humiliation will overwhelm them from all sides. They will be driven to a prison in Hell called Bawlas, with the hottest fire rising over them, and they will be given to drink of the juice of the inhabitants of Hell, which is teenat al-khabaal.” [Narrated by al-Tirmidhi – 2492 Classed as Hasan by Sh al-Albaani in Sahih Muslim. 2025.

Arrogant people are hated by other people just as they are hated by Allah.

People love humble, tolerant and gentle people.

6. One who lies about his dreams & eavesdrop on People:


    • Friends / Relatives are making a dream to attain the soft-corner of a person to achieve future benefits.
    • Eavesdropping on others happen due to suspicion and spying (due to Jealousy).

The one who lies about his dreams will be punished on the Day of Resurrection by being told to tie together two grains of barley. The one who eavesdrops on people when they dislike that will be punished by having molten lead poured into his ears on the Day of Resurrection.


7. Sins for which Allah will not speak to a person or praise him:


  • the one who sells his goods by means of false oaths;
  • the one who reminds others of his favours.”
  • a man who denies his surplus water to the wayfarer
  • a man who swears allegiance to a leader, and if he gives him something he remains loyal to him, otherwise he does not.
  • an old man who commits zina (adultery),
  • a king who tells lies, and a
  • poor man who is arrogant
  • the one who disobeys his parents,
  • the woman who imitates men in her outward appearance, and the cuckold
  • the duyoos (man who has no protective jealousy towards his womenfolk). “
  • Whoever drags his garment out of pride, Allah will not look at him on the Day of Resurrection


8. Those who are content with the life of this world, and who enjoy a great deal of luxury, will have a hard time on the Day of Resurrection. The Messenger (sm) has told us that the one who frequently has a full stomach in this world will feel hungry for a long time on the Day of Resurrection:


Prophet (sm) said: those who are most satisfied in this world (in consuming foods) will be hungry for the longest time on the Day of Resurrection. (Albani, Sahih)

Those who have the most will have the least on the Day of Resurrection, except for those upon whom Allah bestowed wealth, and they started giving it away left and right, front and back, and used it to do good. ” (Albani, Sahih)

“Those who have a lot will be the lowest in status on the Day of Resurrection, except those who said with their wealth, ‘this way and that way’ (i.e., spending in the way of Allah), and earned it from good sources.”

9. Rulers:

“Whoever is put in charge of any of the affairs of the Muslims and remains aloof from them and pays no attention to their needs and poverty, Allah will remain aloof from him on the Day of Resurrection, and will pay no attention to his needs and poverty. ”

(Abu Dawood 2948)


Qur’aan will meet its companion as a Man on the Day of Resurrection

We are engaged with Politics, Gossiping, Friends, Movies but not with the Quran!
“The Qur’aan will meet its companion on the Day of Resurrection when his grave is opened for him, in the form of a man.
Quran (as a person):‘Do you recognize me?’
Person: ‘I do not recognize you.’
Quran: ‘I am your companion the Qur’aan, who kept you thirsty on hot days and kept you awake at night…’
The Person will be given dominion in his right hand and eternity in his left, and there will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, and his parents will be clothed with priceless garments the like of which have never been seen in this world. They will say: ‘Why have we been clothed with this?’ It will be said: ‘Because your son used to recite Qur’aan.’ Then it will be said to him: ‘Recite and ascend in the degrees of Paradise,’ and he will continue to ascend so long as he recites, either at a fast pace or a slow pace .”
— Narrated by Ahmad in al-Musnad (394) and Ibn Maajah in al-Sunan (3781)

30 Juzz Quran in 30 Nights (Ramadan 2021 Video Lectures)

Alhamdulillah, most of the Juzz (Videos & notes) covered in Ramadan 2021 is compiled here. May Allah make us the People of the Quran. Salam & Blessings be on final prophet Muhammad (sm).

Lessons learned from Surah Falaq and Naas

We can strengthen the Khushu of Salah by learning and understanding the Suras that most of us already are aware of.

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Conversations: Last two verses of Sura Baqarah & Sura Fatiha

Last two Ayahs of Sura Baqarah
Surah Fatiha
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What is the Quran?

What is Quran? Prophet Muhammad (sm) defined what is Quran in following three hadiths (tradiations):
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benefits and importance of tajweed

Importance & Benefits of Learning Tajweed

  1. Noble and obedient Angels will accompany the Reciters of the Quran.

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It is as though the Reciter of the Quran is Addressing the Most Merciful

There is a poem: “It is the Book which the one who stands reciting it, it is as though he is addressing the Most Merciful with words.”
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Reciting the Quran with contemplation and a slow, measured recital

Allah Subhanau T’ala has commanded us to recite, reflect and contemplate His Book in various verses in the Quran.

“Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Had it been from anyone other than Allah, they would have certainly found in it many inconsistencies.”

(Nisa: 82)
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The Quran is the word of Allah, so, it is important for readers to learn the Arabic letters. Some common Tajweed mistakes include:

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